Thursday, November 24, 2005

I still remember that sweet day,
when I first say your pretty face...
when your lovely brown eyes,
took me to another place.
You gave my life a new meaning,
you opened up my eyes...
for the warmth of your love
took me to a new paradise.
You're the one I always dreamed about,
you brighten up each second of the day...
and even though time has passed,
every kiss still takes my breath away.
Ive heard people talk about angels,
but never thought Id have one just for me...
you're everything I prayed for,
you make my life complete.
Everything that happened before us,
should be kept in the past...
you are my first real love,
and I do hope you're the last.
You will always be my only one,
my only reason to live...
to feel your tender sweet love,
a love that no one else can give.
This love that we both feel,
is too strong to ever end...
I want to live the rest of my life
with you hand in hand...


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